[Slackbuilds-users] PostgreSQL - multiple installed versions

Adis Nezirovic adis at linux.org.ba
Wed Sep 4 07:35:00 UTC 2013

Well, maybe we can install binaries (or everythng) for PostgreSQL package
into version specific directory (/usr/lib/postgresql/9.3)?

It even doesn't need to be separate package, my intention is just to enable
people to install new Postgresql version, transfer data, and remove old
version if they want to.

For example:

1) I would prepare new PostgreSQL 9.2 build with binaries in version
specific directories and symlinks in /usr/bin
    (so functionally we have the same situation as with current package)
    rc.postgresql script will be modified to honour environment variable
PG_VERSION, so we can start "other" PostgreSQL versions

2) User installs this PostgreSQL 9.2 package

3) New PostgreSQL 9.3 package is released, we can install it over the old
version, it only overwrites shared symlinks in bin directory. At this point
old version can be (re)started using: PG_VERSION=9.2

4) User configures PostgreSQL 9.3 data dir, TCP ports in configurations etc.

5) User has option to upgrade/transfer data and test new PostgreSQL version

6) User can remove old PostgreSQL 9.2 package and its data directory (or
keep it)

As for third party software, we can continue as before, just target the
latest major PostgreSQL version. I'll try to email maintainers of all
packages with postgres tag before new major PostgreSQL version, so we can
have our cake and eat it too.

Best regards,
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