[Slackbuilds-users] Clementine and iPod support

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Wed Aug 27 03:58:05 UTC 2014


The page for Clementine mentions the following dependencies:

libimobiledevice (for iPod support)
libusbmuxd (for iPod support)

I have neither of these installed, and here's what the configuration 
process spews out:

The following components will be built:
    D-Bus support
    Devices: Audio CD support
    Devices: DeviceKit backend
    Devices: GIO device backend
    Devices: MTP support
    Devices: iPod classic support
    Last.fm support
    Moodbar support
    Wiimote support

The following components WILL NOT be built:
    Box support (missing Google sparsehash)
    Crash reporting (disabled in CMake config)
    Dropbox support (missing Google sparsehash)
    Gnome sound menu integration (missing indicate-qt)
    Google Drive support (missing Google sparsehash)
    Skydrive support (missing Google sparsehash)
    Sparkle integration (missing Mac OS X, Sparkle)
    Spotify support: non-GPL binary helper (missing libspotify)
    Ubuntu One file support (missing Google sparsehash)

-- Configuring done

I guess these are obsolete dependencies.


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