[Slackbuilds-users] mupdf docdir & download link

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 08:31:14 UTC 2014

On 8/26/14, Thomas Morper <thomas at beingboiled.info> wrote:
> The SlackBuild for mupdf doesn't set the docdir when calling make. Thus
> the resulting package has two docdirs, /usr/share/doc/mupdf & /usr/doc/
> mupdf-1.5, with roughly the same content.

Thanks. I dunno how I missed that. Well, I sort of do: unlike most version
bumps, that one actually took me a couple of days to get compiling
correctly, then I had to re-do it to get zathura-pdf-mupdf to use it
without crashing, and basically had spent so much time on those 2 builds
that I wasn't as careful as usual with final checking...

Which is not meant as an excuse, but it does mean it'd be good if you
could take a look at zathura, zathura-cb, and zathura-pdf-mupdf if you
have the time. I could use a second set of eyes (a set that's not sick
of looking at them).

> Instead of hosting the source archive on a 3rd party site, the download
> link should point to the official site. Luckily the current version is
> already available in the archive folder, providing us with a stable link:
> http://mupdf.com/downloads/archive/mupdf-1.5-source.tar.gz

Hm. Might as well, got to resubmit. Didn't even look in archive/,
I confess.

I found another stupid thing I did: the old build was version 1.2, build
3. I forgot to reset the BUILD= back to 1 when changing the version to
1.5. So 1.5 never had builds 1 and 2, and the fixed one will be 4.

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