[Slackbuilds-users] libvirt SlackBuild running domains detection

Mathieu Bouillaguet mathieu.bouillaguet at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 21:23:23 UTC 2014


The libvirtd startup script included in the current SlackBuild doesn't
reliably detetct running domains and consequently doesn't stop them when
stopping the libvirt daemon.

Currently it executes a grep on the keyword 'running'. This doesn't work on
system with localized variables since the word 'running' will be translated.

A reliable way would be to use the command "virsh list --name
--state-running" which outputs the name of the currently running domains.

On another subject it may be good to use the configure option --qemu-user
to run the qemu virtual machines with another user than root.

It is stronlgy recommended by upstream :
"It is possible to change this default by using the
--with-qemu-user=$USERNAME and --with-qemu-group=$GROUPNAME arguments to
'configure' during build. It is strongly recommended that vendors build
with both of these arguments set to 'qemu'."

Currently all qemu virtual machnie are executed with root user and
priviledges unless it is built with optional dependency libcapng. See


Mathieu Bouillaguet
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