[Slackbuilds-users] Darktable reports that it can't find rawspeed

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 2 14:54:26 UTC 2014

Hi Paul,

> I'm trying to get darktable or digikam to work with Fuji's raw (RAF) files.

At a wild guess, are they Fuji X-Pro1 files?  Due to the sensor
pattern, rawspeed (and hence darktable) does not support X-Pro1 .RAF
files.  See, for example, this mailing list thread:

As a workround, SBo's dcraw 9.20 can convert them to tiff, and then
you can process the tiffs further with darktable. This command comes
from the mailing list thread referenced above:
> I use
> dcraw -v -w -T -4 -m 5 -o 4
> to create linear tiffs, preserving more highlight information. Later I
> apply a basecurve in dt.

There's not much chance of proper support, see e.g.
"Darktable does not directly share much code with dcraw, and it can't
since we do everything in 32 bit float instead of 16 bit integer.  And
besides that there are lots of modules in Darktable that operate
directly on the Bayer data, which would all have to be adapted. This
is not a priority for us. Sorry."

As someone commented in that thread, "Nice hardware, unfortunate
sensor decision"
This isn't really good news, but at least you won't have to reinstall :-/

[ .RAF files from my ancient S9500 work ok in dt-1.4, but that camera
died a year ago... ]


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