[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20140208.1

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Sat Feb 8 17:21:11 UTC 2014

Sat Feb  8 17:12:07 UTC 2014
academic/octave: Remove Qt5 detection.
academic/sage: Updated for version 6.1.
academic/suiteparse: Updated README.
audio/jack2: Added (Jack Sound Server).
desktop/dwm: Clarify use of custom patches.
desktop/superkey-launch: Updated for version 0.31.
desktop/wminfo: Updated for version 4.1.2.
development/apache-jmeter: Updated for version 2.11.
development/brackets: Updated for version 36.
development/kaaedit: Updated for version 0.36.0.
development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 6.1.1.
development/racket: Updated for version 5.93.
development/rstudio-desktop: Added (R Statistical IDE).
gis/Fiona: Updated for version 1.1.1.
gis/OWSLib: Updated for version 0.8.4.
gis/foxtrotgps: Moved from Misc category.
gis/gdal: Moved from Libraries category.
gis/geopy: Updated for version 0.97.1.
gis/geoserver-python: Added (GeoServer Python scripting support).
gis/gpsd: Updated for version 3.10 + Moved from System category.
gis/grass: Moved from Academic category.
gis/libgeotiff: Moved from Libraries category.
gis/viking: Moved from Misc category.
graphics/digikam: Added liblqr and lensfun to REQUIRES.
graphics/enblend-enfuse: Updated for version 4.1.2.
graphics/hugin: Updated for version 2013.0.0.
graphics/luminance-hdr: Updated for version 2.4.0.
libraries/CCfits: Added (C++ wrappers for the cfitsio library)
libraries/GitPython: Added (Python Git Library).
libraries/LibRaw: Updated for version 0.16.0.
libraries/async: Added (Async Framework).
libraries/backports-ssl-match-hostname: Added (Backported SSL).
libraries/boolstuff: Added (boolean expression tree toolkit).
libraries/dropbox-python: Added (Official Dropbox REST API Client).
libraries/enum34: Updated for version 0.9.21.
libraries/evernote-python: Added (Evernote SDK for Python).
libraries/facebook-python: Added (Client library for Facebook SDK).
libraries/gallerize: Added (Web image gallery generator).
libraries/gitdb: Added (Git Object Database).
libraries/hurry-filesize: Added (Python library).
libraries/isodate: Added (date/time/duration parser and formater).
libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.70.
libraries/liblogging: Added (an easy to use logging library).
libraries/libnfs: Updated for version 1.9.2.
libraries/librelp: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/libwebp: Updated for version 0.4.0.
libraries/netcdf: Updated for version 4.3.1.
libraries/pyftpdlib: Added (High-level asynchronous FTP library).
libraries/pysendfile: Added (Interface to sendfile syscall).
libraries/python-gnupg: Added (A wrapper for the GnuPG).
libraries/python-xlrd: Added (extract data from MS Excel).
libraries/rarfile: Added (RAR archive reader for Python).
libraries/smmap: Added (Git implementation of memory map manager).
libraries/tbb: Updated for version 4.2u2.
libraries/uptime: Added (Cross-platform uptime library).
multimedia/aegisub: Updated for version 3.1.2.
multimedia/flashplayer-plugin: Updated for version
network/CherryMusic: Added (A music streaming server).
network/Pafy: Updated for version 0.3.30.
network/RYMTracks: Added (Tracklist Creator for RYM Service).
network/aria2: Updated for version 1.18.3, new maintainer.
network/cicb: Added (ICB client).
network/pms-youtube: Added (Terminal based YouTube jukebox).
network/twitter: Added(An API and command-line toolset for Twitter).
network/vcspull: Added (mass-update vcs).
office/hunspell-en: Added (English hunspell dictionaries).
office/hunspell-es: Added (Spanish hunspell dictionaries).
office/pyspread: Added (Python spreadsheet).
python/frosted: Updated for version 1.3.2.
python/kaptan: Added (Configuration Manager).
python/lxml: Updated for version 3.3.0.
python/pipdeptree: Added (show dependency tree of packages).
python/pytest: Updated for version 2.5.2.
python/requirements-detector: Added (find requirements of Python).
python/selenium: Added (Python bindings for Selenium).
python/stevedore: Added pysetuptools to REQUIRES.
ruby/hub: Added (github helper)
system/PySixel: Updated for version 0.1.7.
system/clamav: Updated for version 0.98.1.
system/docker: Added (manager for applications in linux containers)
system/graphterm: Added (A Graphical Terminal Interface).
system/quotatool: Added (filesystem quotas from command line).
system/sentimental-skk: Updated for version 0.0.139.
system/thinkfan: Added (fan control program).
system/tmuxp: Added (Manage tmux sessions thru JSON, YAML configs).
system/ttop: Added (CUI graphical system monitor).
system/udiskie: Added (Removable disk automounter for udisks).
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