[Slackbuilds-users] mupdf

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 22:51:52 UTC 2014

On 2/23/14, LEVAI Daniel <leva at ecentrum.hu> wrote:

> If the maintainer won't step up,

Hm, did I miss an email from you? Usually it's better to email the
maintainer directly instead of the list...

> I suggest incorporating the new version
> and the patch for the security fix.

Update now in pending/. What I did is backport the security fix to
mupdf-1.2, rather than upgrade to mupdf-1.3. Reasons for that:

1. mupdf 1.3's API is incompatible with 1.2's, meaning zathura-pdf-mupdf
   (depends on mupdf) will have to be updated... which almost certainly
   means every zathura-* build needs to be updated too.

2. mupdf 1.3 needs openjpeg 2.0, we ship 1.5 for now. openjpeg 2.0's API
   has changed enough that any build depending on it will need attention.
   (could work around this by using mupdf's bundled openjpeg source, if we
   don't mind having it statically linked & bloating up the mupdf binary)

3. According to a mupdf developer I talked to, mupdf-1.4 is due to be
   released within the next month. I'll wait until then & update my
   build for 1.4.

It's worth mentioning also: the "critical security bug" only affects XPS
documents, not PDFs. XPS is still pretty rare in the wild... "critical"
is probably too strong of a word.

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