[Slackbuilds-users] Needing requirements built with options

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 14 23:29:59 UTC 2014

> IMO, you should also list libmodplug as a dep in inform7's info file. List
> it first (or at least, before gst-plugins-bad). If people are installing
> the deps in the order listed in REQUIRES, it'll take care of itself
> (because gst-plugins-bad will auto-detect that libmodplug is installed,
> doesn't need manual intervention). Also if someone's using sbotools,
> it'll Just Work (at least, it will on a clean system).

But with slackrepo, as an explicit design decision, that will *not*
work.  One of the reasons I wrote slackrepo was the unpredictability
with sbopkg etc. of whether wxPython did or did not get gnomeprint,
depending on which package you'd most recently built wxPython for...
or what if someone has already got gst1-plugins-bad without
libmodplug, and has already built libmodplug (e.g. for xbmc) -- the
deps are already met, and there's nothing to trigger a rebuild of
gst1-plugins-bad with libmodplug. So, my opinion is, just do the
README thing. fwiw.


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