[Slackbuilds-users] Is anybody doing musl?

Weldon Goree weldon at langurwallah.org
Sun Jul 20 03:11:03 UTC 2014

Update: I switched to the 1.1:


On 07/20/2014 06:23 AM, John Vogel wrote:
> I have been following the 1.1.x branch, so I'm a bit biased on this point.

Yeah, and upstream confirmed security backports for 1.0 will go away
within the year, so 1.1 it is.

> I agree that having the loader symlink placed in /lib$LIBDIRSUFFIX and
> pointing into a possible mount point is not a good plan. I also think that
> running system shared binaries that are not based on the base system's
> main c library a too fine line to walk for my taste. I walk on enough thin
> ice often enough to know better than to jump up and down on the cracks.

Well, frankly that's the larger argument against dynamic linking as a
whole... at any rate, the updated slackbuild puts all the libraries in
/usr/$LIBDIR/musl, except for the loader, which is in /usr/$LIBDIR.
There's no collision problems with the loader, because it's called

> Have you tried using musl-cross (https://bitbucket.org/GregorR/musl-cross)?
> That might be another approach and might be a safer installation.

Yeah, his patches were the starting point for my toolchain. Good stuff.


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