[Slackbuilds-users] webkitgtk compile time

Aaditya Bagga aaditya_gnulinux at zoho.com
Tue Jul 29 14:07:36 UTC 2014

On 29-07-2014 19:21, David Spencer wrote:
>> That's the reason why whenever I compile it, I put it up on:
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mefiles/files/Slackware/
> Actually, it's worth mentioning that Erik pushed an update for
> webkitgtk-2.4.4 to git last week, so we are all going to have to build
> it again soon... or wait for Aaditya ;-)
> -D.
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Only if you use 64 bit :)
And I may not build it immediately ;)
(Last time I had waited a bit to see if an update came up from 
slackonly.org or slacky.eu)

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