[Slackbuilds-users] Texlive-20130530 Build Errors

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Mar 21 15:39:14 UTC 2014

On Fri, 21 Mar 2014, David Spencer wrote:

> Strategy A is to observe more closely what the system is doing. Start the
> install, wait ten mins, and do 'vmstat 5 20' and 'iostat 5 20' and 'ps
> -efl' to see what's happening. Look for the tree of pids that starts with
> installpkg. This might reveal something like an i/o redirection that has
> gone wrong so that it's waiting forever for input (you might also want to
> try typing ctrl/d on the controlling terminal in case that's what's up).


   Don't know what I should see running vmstat and iostat.

Started at 08:16:

[root at salmo /home/rshepard/workspace]# time installpkg
Verifying package texlive-20130530-i486-2_SBo.tgz.
Installing package texlive-20130530-i486-2_SBo.tgz:
# TeXLive (TeXLive binaries, support files, TeX formats)
# This package contains the binaries, support files, TeX formats and
# packages, and other files required for the TeXLive TeX distribution.
# Included are input files for TeX, runtime configuration files,
# hyphenation tables, manpages, and the computer modern fonts.
Executing install script for texlive-20130530-i486-2_SBo.tgz.

   The ps -efl output shows:

[root at salmo ~]# ps -efl | grep installpkg
0 S root      6063  3690  0  80   0 -  1167 wait   08:16 pts/4    00:00:00
/bin/sh /sbin/installpkg texlive-20130530-i486-2_SBo.tgz
1 S root      9585  6063  0  80   0 -  1167 wait   08:18 pts/4    00:00:00
/bin/sh /sbin/installpkg texlive-20130530-i486-2_SBo.tgz
0 R root     10683 26923  0  80   0 -   693 -      08:27 pts/3    00:00:00

   Looks to me that nothing's happening.

   Ctrl-d did nothing.

   Ctrl-c produced this:

^CPackage texlive-20130530-i486-2_SBo.tgz installed.

real	11m9.192s
user	0m38.623s
sys	0m13.728s

However, some things are still not working. Within LyX (the gui front end to
LaTeX) when I try compiling a document with pdflatex the status line reads
that the document was successfully exported, but the build date of the *.pdf
file is March 5th, not today. Trying to preview the document in LyX fails
because "File does not exist:
/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.T10823/lyx_tmpbuf2/practical-eda.dvi". And, I cannot print
A/P checks from the accounting software because "Error! 1395415887_check : No such file or
directory" which I'm told by a developer fluent in perl means that there's
something in LaTeX that's missing.



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