[Slackbuilds-users] New e-mail address

Philip Lacroix philnx at posteo.de
Mon Mar 24 08:13:30 UTC 2014

Hello Rob,

thanks a lot for your reply.

I didn't intend to criticize anyone or anything, but perhaps my
message sounded a bit like that (I'm not a native speaker), and
in that case I'm sorry: I appreciate the work you guys are doing,
and by "list manager" I intended the automatic filtering system.

I blame for this problem my (former) e-mail provider Bluebottle,
which is known to enable by default a challenge-response system
in order to prevent spam. Of course this technically causes spam
itself, and this is not the first time that I encounter such a problem
when subscribing or writing to lists.

Unfortunately I deleted the bounce messages, but I guess this is
not essential, as this new provider seems to be fine. :)

All the best,

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