[Slackbuilds-users] what category do fonts go in?

Didier Spaier didier.spaier at epsm.fr
Tue May 27 22:33:21 UTC 2014

On 27/05/2014 23:54, B Watson wrote:
> Getting ready to submit a font package... I notice most fonts are in
> system/:
> system/linux-libertine-fonts
> system/ecofont-ttf
> system/google-droid-fonts
> system/cwtex-q-fonts
> system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font
> system/nanum-coding-fonts-ttf
> system/wqy-microhei-font-ttf
> system/hermit-font
> system/webcore-fonts
> system/nanum-fonts-ttf
> system/adobe-source-code-pro-font
> system/ttf-ubuntu-font-family
> system/dina-font
> system/freefont
> But not all of them:
> desktop/un-fonts-core
> misc/tamsyn-font
> misc/gnu-unifont
> I'll put mine in system/, but maybe these last three should get moved
> to system/ also? Or maybe there should be a fonts/ category?

I would favor having them all in the same category, whatever it be, where we could find  the font themselves (bitmaps and scalable alike) as well as associated tools like:
fontforge (now in graphics)
fontmatrix (now in graphics)
perl-fontAFM (now in perl - moving that one is debatable, maybe we could associate more than one category to a given software :-)
fgtm (now in libraries, same remark)
gndfed (now in graphics)
mftrace (now in graphics)
psftools (now in graphics)
t1utils (now in graphics)

Also, I'd add to your list of fonts not in system:
Adobe-reader-fontpacks (now in office)

It's of course up to the admins to create a new category. I'd favor having one for the fonts and associated tools (O probably forgot to list some) if feasible and maintainable.

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