[Slackbuilds-users] need some advice (re: splix/jbigkit SBos)

Heinz Wiesinger pprkut at slackbuilds.org
Tue Nov 25 16:33:18 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 25 November 2014 12:26:09 Glenn Becker wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been maintaining the SlackBuilds for splix and jbigkit. For a
> while, printing has been an issue with my Samsung ML-2510, but I've
> been too lazy to follow it up (obviously I don't print at home very
> much). Not very responsible of me.
> Anyhoo, the root problem is that splix development appears to have
> stopped -- or at least greatly slowed. The current version of splix
> looks for the library libjbig.2.0.0 ... but the current version of
> the jbigkit library is libjbig.2.1. splix looks for v. 2.0.0, can't
> find it and plotzes.
> I solved the issue on the home front with a symlink, but was wondering
> what SlackBuild best practice I should use in a case like this. Should
> I roll back the jbigkit version?

Did you check how other distros solve the problem? With quick checks I see 
that both Arch and Fedora seems to have splix using jbigkit 2.1 in their 

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