[Slackbuilds-users] Clarification of REQUIRES and dependencies

Karel Venken k.venken at online.be
Thu Nov 27 22:36:23 UTC 2014

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
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>> I think what's really missing is a quick tool to be used to list
>> all dependencies needed for building one given package. Having such
>> tool, for a "casual" user, it would not matter how REQUIRES is
>> implemented. Of course developers would adhere to a common way of
>> doing regarding this, but it would match to that tool's
>> implementation.
> we already have that tool, made by Chess Griffin called sqg
> But we can't assume everyone use that tool
> I have written a blog post about it
> http://slackblogs.blogspot.com/2014/01/managing-sbo-dependencies-easily.html

A few years ago when I started using slackware (since 13.37), I found 
that manually going through all the steps of installing something like 
vlc was too much effort. So I started writing a script doing as much as 
possible. As the dependency question pops up from time to time in this 
newsgroup, and my script can show it in somewhat of a tree, I guess I 
should post it,... The script can do the whole process of downloading, 
building and installing (sometimes ;-) by itself but I never considered 
it usefull enough to show it. Reason is

- it miserably fails in a lot of cases (of course, think of user and 
group settings etc...), so you still have to know what your are doing 
and correct several problems manually
- it already exists in some other form as neet tools (eg. sbopkg), so it 
seems rather duplicate/useless
- it blindly ignores the fact that you can set options.
- it doesn't care about multilib and a lot of other things - eg. it will 
systematically refuse building wine on a 64 bit system which turned out 
to be possible if you install multilib.

Well, I couldn't resist the temptation and I just considered it too much 
fun to try this myself, trying to learn something of Linux, etc... 
Anyway, (with a lot of doubt and as my scripting scills are probably not 
there yet) I have added it in following link, with some text around it. 
It has grown out of control and has several options now.


You can just download the script (you dont need anything else) and make 
it executable. The script itself is referred in


The option you need is (as an example for vlc)

getpkgs -sH vlc

where s tells it only to download sources (you can do this step as 
regular user) and H to show dependencies recursively. So it will 
download buildscripts, parse the REQUIRES, download new buildscripts, 
etc. until all dependencies are found (Guess what happens with circular 
dependencies,...). First time you will see a lot of wget traffic, second 
time you run it you get the "nice" treelike output.

I was not planning to keep/publish this link, at least not, for a very 
long time, (actually it is a personal webspace), but if you find it 
usefull, feel free to get it. Maybe, at least I hope, it can be of some 

kind regards...


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