[Slackbuilds-users] Clarification of REQUIRES and dependencies

Bojan Popovic bocke at mycity.rs
Fri Nov 28 18:31:51 UTC 2014


sbopkg has a support for package queues. You can even generate some
basic queue files automatically with sqg utility
(/usr/doc/sbopkg-0.37.0/contrib/sqg). Although those queue files do
require some manual tweaking as they will contain only the requirements
present in REQUIRED part of dot info file. It won't contain any
optional dependencies or additional options. That's not problem for
Inkscape, but might be for some other packages like ffmpeg. Unless you
are satisfied with the defaults and don't need additional codec support.

The sqf files can contain references to other sqf files. This is
something that sqg tool doesn't do automaticaly. But with a bit of
tweaking you can easily reduce by few lines a number of auto-generated
sqf files. With some attention to possible dependency recursion and
incompatiblities you can create really great set of sqf files that fit
your need.

Sqf file organization aside, that reduces your line to:
sbopkg -i inkscape.sqf

sbopkg -k -i inkscape.sqf

See "man sbopkg" for more details on sqf files and less known options of



P.S. I will update "screenfetch" soon. It's really a lower priority for
me at the moment, but I haven't forgot. :) Keep nagging me when you
notice the new version. ;) Thanx.

On Fri, 28 Nov 2014 09:39:05 -0800
"Ryan P.C. McQuen" <ryan.q at linux.com> wrote:

> Here's what I do when I'm installing something with a lot of
> dependencies. I ctrl + click each dependency (on SBo), then ctrl +
> click each subsequent dependency. When there are no dependencies left,
> I start at my right-most browser tab and feed a long string of
> packages to sbopkg. So for inkscape, I end up with something like
> this:
>   sbopkg -i libsigc++ -i glibmm -i cairomm -i pangomm -i atkmm -i
> mm-common -i gtkmm -i gsl -i numpy -i BeautifulSoup -i lxml -i
> inkscape
> Works every time! If dependencies were listed in multiple places for
> packages, this process would almost certainly be more frustrating, and
> I would end up with a lot of redundancy.
> I agree with Willy's interpretation on this.
> Best,
> Ryan
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> --
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> <ryanpcmcquen.com>

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