[Slackbuilds-users] New Slackbuild for ffmpeg

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 29 22:15:58 UTC 2015

On 04/30/2015 02:38 AM, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
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>> (Posting this to the Slackbuilds User mailing list as I received
>> no response after sending an e-mail to the submitter of the old
>> version.)
>> The Slackbuild for ffmpeg at:
>> http://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.1/multimedia/ffmpeg/ is for
>> the rather old 2.1.5 release. I made very slight changes to the
>> Slackbuild to compile version 2.6.2 from
>> https://ffmpeg.org/releases/, and it compiled on my Slackware 14.1
>> installation without problems. My tweaked Slackbuild can be found
>> below should a Slackbuilds.org administrator wish to upload it to
>> the site. (I haven’t touched the copyright and credits, not sure if
>> I should.)
> Hi
> The reason why it wasn't updated for now is that too many packages
> depends on ffmpeg, either hard dep or optional dependency and  it
> would be a headache to test all those possibilities for now.

Some fun data about that:

$ hoorex ffmpeg
ffmpeg kino winff alephone ffmpegthumbnailer sinthgunt ffmpeg2theora 
libvdpau-va-gl digikam soundconverter makemkv cantata spek lastfm miro 
get_iplayer ssr minidlna bombono-dvd cinelerra vcmi rosa-media-player 
linphone xjadeo imagination devede transcode openmw kradio freerdp 
recorditnow mlt dvd-slideshow wxsvg xvst ripit flowblade 
imageshack-uploader mpv ffms2 guvcview

Thats just the hard dependencies BTW - those SlackBuilds which specify 
ffmpeg in their .info file. They are the direct dependers on ffmpeg. 
There are others too which require ffmpeg indirectly i.e. they depend on 
these direct dependers, so:

$ hoorex -m ffmpeg
ffmpeg vcmi kino winff alephone ffmpegthumbnailer sinthgunt xjadeo 
dvd-slideshow imagination digikam marathon2-data devede wxsvg cantata 
spek lastfm marathon-data xvst kradio mpv freerdp ripit recorditnow 
guvcview mlt linphone marathon-infinity-data libvdpau-va-gl 
imageshack-uploader soundconverter transcode openmw vlc ssr kdenlive 
sopcast-player openshot rosa-media-player flowblade ffmpeg2theora wargus 
makemkv ffms2 get_iplayer bombono-dvd remmina aegisub tovid dvdrip 
minidlna oggconvert dvdstyler cinelerra miro

Piping those commands to wc tells us there are 41 packages which 
directly require ffmpeg and 55 altogether (direct and indirect).

To work out a build list that includes all the other packages required 
by those 55, pipe the result to hoorex -r instead:

$  hoorex -m ffmpeg |hoorex -r
speex libvpx OpenAL x264 libdvdcss docutils opencv libmms libmikmod 
PyXML goocanvas xvidcore frei0r lensfun libdaemon gst-python dirac 
linphone-srtp libmpeg2 jdk perl-encode-locale unshield FreeImage 
chromaprint libmspack dvdauthor perl-extutils-depends ORBit2 lua 
TiMidity++ mjpegtools qt5 perl-extutils-pkgconfig libpgf libiec61883 
polarssl libwebp pyxdg libjpeg-turbo oggvideotools mutagen ladspa_sdk 
opus libavc1394 perl-html-tagset rtmpdump zvbi ogre libmp4v2 ois orc 
ftgl libkate libvdpau pygoocanvas vcdimager imlib2 perl-IO-HTML 
perl-event faac faad2 pysetuptools perl-cairo fluidsynth 
perl-lwp-mediatypes libquicktime pyorbit live555 libcuefile libdvdnav 
libupnp mm-common libdv amrnb perl-glib perl-libintl perl-pango bullet 
libbonobo schroedinger libantlr3c gsm gnome-mime-data libdc1394 
libsidplay2 gnome-common a52dec projectM mpgtx glfw txt2tags perl-gtk2 
gstreamer1 belle-sip id3 MyGUI libreplaygain dvgrab portaudio 
gnome-media libsigc++ perl-html-parser perl-net-http libdvbpsi libva 
jack-audio-connection-kit wxGTK3 recordmydesktop perl-http-date 
perl-http-message libmodplug avahi gst1-plugins-base liblqr libdca lame 
scons ucommon ccrtp zziplib liblo eawpats wxPython gsl tolua++ sopcast 
perl-http-negotiate libminizip SDL2 musepack-tools libebml libzrtpcpp 
GeoIP webkitgtk libass perl-http-daemon SDL2_mixer stratagus 
libmpdclient libtar perl-file-listing twolame perl-www-robotrules aften 
libgnomecanvas vsxu glibmm pywebkitgtk SDL2_ttf libxml++ 
perl-http-cookies cairomm libmatroska ffmpeg kino mlt winff mpc 
transcode libwww-perl openshot alephone linphone tovid 
imageshack-uploader spek xvst mpv ripit SDL2_image pangomm 
marathon-infinity-data libtorrent-rasterbar marathon-data minidlna 
openmw guvcview dvd-slideshow marathon2-data wxsvg cinelerra kdenlive 
dvdrip gnome-vfs makemkv kradio vcmi digikam libgnome ssr atkmm 
ffmpeg2theora xjadeo ffmpegthumbnailer recorditnow gtkmm devede cantata 
bombono-dvd libvdpau-va-gl wargus libshout ffms2 freerdp dvdstyler 
libbonoboui gnome-python miro remmina lastfm aegisub vlc get_iplayer 
flowblade rosa-media-player imagination sinthgunt gnome-python-desktop 
oggconvert libgnomeui soundconverter sopcast-player

Piping that to wc shows a total of 222 packages to rebuild. Its hard to 
imagine much testing beyond successful building for so many packages.


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