[Slackbuilds-users] New Slackbuild for ffmpeg

John Vogel jvogel4 at stny.rr.com
Thu Apr 30 00:28:07 UTC 2015

On Thu, 30 Apr 2015 08:15:58 +1000
Christoph Willing <chris.willing at iinet.net.au> wrote:


> Thats just the hard dependencies BTW - those SlackBuilds which specify 
> ffmpeg in their .info file. They are the direct dependers on ffmpeg. 
> There are others too which require ffmpeg indirectly i.e. they depend on 
> these direct dependers, so:


> Piping those commands to wc tells us there are 41 packages which 
> directly require ffmpeg and 55 altogether (direct and indirect).
> To work out a build list that includes all the other packages required 
> by those 55, pipe the result to hoorex -r instead:

-- snip

> Piping that to wc shows a total of 222 packages to rebuild. Its hard to 
> imagine much testing beyond successful building for so many packages.
> chris

Thanks for the breakdown, Christoph. That puts the overall task of
testing against a newer ffmpeg into a more realistic perspective.
I intend to help with build testing ... now I understand some
better the size of the job. I think I will work on setting up some
kind of automation for the building. Also, looks like hoorex will
be handy for tracking drown cross dependencies.


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