[Slackbuilds-users] GDM vs. ConsoleKit in -current

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Wed Dec 9 12:40:00 UTC 2015

Le 09/12/2015 13:09, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo a écrit :
> with all the big changes in -current, you probably need to try to
> test the new gdm 3.x

I admit I'm a bit confused right now. I feel the sort of light nausea
you have when you are confronted with about half a dozen possible
solutions, and none of them work as expected.

So, I'm looking for a nice (!) functional (!) display manager for
Xfce, on a machine where more or less everything is installed except KDE.

1. XDM works, but it's quite ugly. Maybe I'll look into how to
customize it, but later, after I tried all the others.

2. SLiM works, except there's no shutdown/reboot button, which is
essential for my users. Plus, login texts are hardcoded, so you would
have to hand-edit SLiM's configuration file to replace these.

3. LXDM also works, except its window stubbornly displays everything
in english on a machine where LANG is set to fr_FR.utf8. It's either
untranslated, or I didn't find the special secret configuration option
in the special secret configuration file to make it work.

4. LightDM could be another option, except there's no package on SBo.
I took a peek at Willy's and ivandi's stuff. As far as I know, it has
one single dependency on Linux-PAM. Correct me if I'm wrong.

5. I vaguely though about installing KDE's sddm login manager. I don't
know how much of KDE I would need, if this would work, and if so, how
"heavy" would this be.

6. Maybe a more recent GDM from the 3.x series, but *before* they
dropped ConsoleKit support, is the way to go?

At this stage, any suggestion is welcome.



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