[Slackbuilds-users] Support for Python 3 in python-pillow?

Philip Lacroix slackph at posteo.de
Tue Dec 15 12:57:53 UTC 2015

Am 14.12.2015 23:19 schrieb B Watson:
> What happens if someone needs both python 2 and 3 support?
> Does the python3 stuff actually conflict with the python2 stuff? If 
> not,
> maybe it'd be good to allow building both instead of choosing only one
> or the other.

Something like the following example would allow the user to choose: 
Python 2 only (default), Python 3 only, and if both, in which order.

B1="2"; B2=""

if [ "${PYTHON3SUPPORT:-no}" == "yes" ]; then
   case "$BUILD_FIRST" in
     2) B1="2"; B2="3" ;;
     3) B1="3"; B2="2" ;;
     *) B1="3"; B2="" ;;

python$B1 setup.py install --root=$PKG
if [[ -n $B2 ]]; then
   python$B2 setup.py install --root=$PKG


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