[Slackbuilds-users] Indirect download links in *.info

Thomas Szteliga ts at websafe.pl
Fri Jan 2 06:41:12 UTC 2015


I would like to create slackbuilds for some Google TTF fonts
and I have a problem with the .info file.

For example, the `Open Sans` font collection is nowhere available
for direct download, it's distributed by Google and the Google
download link is the following:


Downloading this with `wget` requires the flag "--content-disposition"
to be set and then everything works fine - the link is being downloaded
to `Open_Sans.zip`, otherwise we end up with a
"download?kit=3hvsV99qyKCBS55e5pvb3ltkqrIMaAZWyLYEoB48lSQ" file.

This case "breaks" the default `sbopkg` configuration, because
WGETFLAGS does not contain "--content-disposition" by default.

My question is what to do in cases like this (indirect download links)?

I'm asking here because in `template.info`
<http://slackbuilds.org/templates/template.info> there is:

DOWNLOAD="direct download link(s) of application source tarball(s)
arch-independent or x86"

I'll of course mention this issue on the `sbopkg` mailing list
but please let me know if it's "legal" ;) to use an indirect
download link in *.info files.

If yes, then fixing `sbopkg` is simple, it would only require
altering the default configuration by extending WGETFLAGS
with "--content-disposition". If not, then I don't know, because
handling this situation directly in the SlackBuild is "too late"
(at least for `sbopkg`, because `sbopkg` will download the source
and check the md5sum before the slackbuild is called).

Thomas Szteliga

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