[Slackbuilds-users] movgrab

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Mon Jul 27 15:31:43 UTC 2015

On 27/07/2015 16:57, Jim Diamond wrote:

> It seems a recurring SBo theme is that some former maintainer gives up
> on maintaining one or more given slackbuilds, and it becomes orphaned.
> I know some people are doing great amounts of work maintaining
> slackbuilds, and so it doesn't make sense to expect these active
> people to do even more work.
> What might be nice is for volunteers who have limited time to be able
> to help out on an as-able basis.
> One possible solution would be to let "anyone" (or maybe some people
> on a "B Team" list) submit updates to any slackbuild at all.  If it is
> not orphaned, the maintainer could "bless" the update and push it
> through the system.  This might take a load off people who maintain a
> lot of slackbuilds, which would be a good thing.
> If the slackbuild is orphaned, some "A Team" person could give it a
> very quick look to make sure that the "B Team" person hasn't messed
> up, and then submit it, marking the slackbuild as "orphaned, use at
> your own risk (even more than usual)".
> As a recent example, Didier points out that a only a very trivial
> change to the movgrab slackbuild is required (and probably an equally
> trivial change to the download link).  He doesn't want to maintain it,
> and nor do I.  Maybe someone who cares enough will volunteer, maybe
> not.
> As a concrete example, I'd be happy to submit such an update to
> packages I use whenever I find something is out of date, but I don't
> necessarily want to become the maintainer.  Having some middle ground
> might improve the whole SBo experience.

IMO that would just complicate things and overall need more work for the 

Just following answer #14 n the FAQ:
is simpler.

Whilst if a maintainer is no longer active it's good to search a 
volunteer to take over, I guess that till then it's easier for the 
admins to just make the version change (for instance and only if they 
want to) themselves, than to rely on a "B team". And I am pretty sure 
that "use at your own risk" is a no-go for SlackBuilds.org anyway as 
they have build their reputation on users' trust.

Eager to read one of the admins' opinion, though ;)

Best regards,

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