[Slackbuilds-users] FFmpeg update

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Wed Jun 3 11:44:29 UTC 2015

On 03/06/15 19:07, Matteo Bernardini wrote:
> to avoid confusion I have created a dedicated branch in out git,
> user/ponce/ffmpeg-updates, with the audacity patch.

As a matter of process, how can maintainers of the various SlackBuilds 
that will need ffmpeg-related changes have the changes applied to that 
git branch?

I have fetched that branch, made changes to vlc and pushed it to my 
github repo. Can I just give its location in this thread and expect the 
changes there to be picked up? Or is some other method preferred?

The location of my changes is:

There are two new patch files there as well as modifications to 
vlc.SlackBuild and doinst.sh.in.


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