[Slackbuilds-users] unicap

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 06:25:00 UTC 2015

2015-03-06 7:17 GMT+01:00 Robby Workman <rworkman at slackbuilds.org>:
> On Fri, 06 Mar 2015 19:09:24 +1300
> Klaatu <klaatu at straightedgelinux.com> wrote:
>> The site http://unicap-imaging.org, which hosts the unicap code, is
>> returning an error that looks like a server mis-configuration or a
>> hosting problem.
>> I have contacted the contact for the site to offer him a new home for
>> his site in the event that he's having issues, but in the meantime, I
>> wonder if anyone has the 0.9.12 source code and wants to put it on a
>> friends-of-slackbuilds site someplace? I can host files if needed,
>> but I know a lot of us have places to host.
> http://harrier.slackbuilds.org/misc/libunicap-0.9.12.tar.gz
> http://harrier.slackbuilds.org/misc/libunicap-0.9.12.tar.gz.sign
> Note: The .sign is from *me* rather than upstream - that's just to
> certify that I uploaded the code from a presumably trusted place,
> i.e. my laptop, which was download from upstream back when it was
> available - I make no other guarantees about the validity of the
> tarball.

thanks Klaatu for reporting and Robby for providing the tarball!

I pushed the new download location in my branch.


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