[Slackbuilds-users] bz2/gz mix-up in strongswan

Zoltán Pósfai bgs at bgs.hu
Wed Apr 6 13:07:07 UTC 2016


I just tried to build strongswan, but it complained about a bad hash. 
Checking it, the cause turned out to be a mix-up of the tar.gz and 
tar.bz2 tarballs.

Info has URL for tar.bz2 but hash for the tar.gz.
Slackbuild has tar.bz2.

Current (wrong) hash in to info file:
c2a99ae6b0a9c2c50b59a9c9d31a629f  strongswan-5.3.4.tar.gz

What it should be:
655a632a515c74a99f2e9cc337ab2f33  strongswan-5.3.4.tar.bz2


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