[Slackbuilds-users] fvwm-crystal package on slackbuilds complains of missing files

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Fri Apr 15 01:21:26 UTC 2016

I'm trying to use fvwm-crystal but am running into issues.
Just so you know, I'm using startx to open fvwm-crystal.
I've linked to a screenshot.
 As seen in the screenshot I can only get a
terminal to open after completing the configuration that comes up the
first time I ran xwmconfig and selected fvwm-crystal.
And since I have to use ctrl-backspace to get out of the desktop, I saw
there were two errors. The first complained that there wasn't the file
DefaultDesktopManager under ~/.fvwm-crystal/preferences/. 
The second error is the following:
[fvwm][READ]: <<ERROR>> file
not found

 Donald Cooley

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