[Slackbuilds-users] perl-test-warn,perl-Test-Warn

Brenton Earl brent at exitstatusone.com
Tue Apr 19 22:37:44 UTC 2016

It looks like if I change the .info file checksum to be within the
MD5SUM setting, rather than MD5SUM_x86_64, perl-Test-Warn builds just fine.

I guess it is a matter of choosing which to keep and correcting the
.info file so the checksum is in the right variable for sbopkg to find this.

After the duplicate Test-Warn is removed, then perl-www-mechainze will
build correctly with sbopkg.  sbopkg gets confused and builds both
packages.  REQUIRES are pulled from both .info files too.

My attached screenshot shows what I mean when executing "sbopkg -i
Brenton Earl
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