[Slackbuilds-users] libreoffice 5.1 review

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Thu Feb 18 11:59:15 UTC 2016

On 19/02/16 04:41, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
>> I confirmed this glitch on a draw file (odg, newsletter, mixed text and
>> graphics) on, for the repackaged version.  This newsletter
>> worked fine in 4.4 and even re-writing it from scratch did not work.
>> The impress ppt was fine, although a bit slow to change slides. No
>> issues so far opening and using various text files (odf)
>> 5.0.4 had random glitches with the same odg newsletter, but no other
>> issues observed.
>> 5.0.5 works ok except for the draw component (odg crashes on all files:
>> 4.4 created odg or new).  ch3.ppt opens but is initially slow; the
>> bigfile.odt crashes here but works ok with 4.4.
>> Maybe worth considering the fully compiled version if that seems more
>> stable?
> on my laptop, downgrading to harfbuzz 1.1.2 fix the problem

This may be relevant:

- particularly comments 12 to 17 which, if correct, explain why the 
repackaged official build has the problem but the "build from source" 
SlackBuild does not (since it uses --with-system-harfbuzz).


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