[Slackbuilds-users] Brief interruption in service at lists.slackbuilds.org, 2016-03-17

Luis Cavalheiro pessoal at profcavalheiro.com
Mon Mar 14 15:48:56 UTC 2016

Shame it would be at Alabama... Or shame on me for being at Brazil at this
moment :-)
Em 14/03/2016 12:44 PM, "Rob McGee" <rob0 at slackbuilds.org> escreveu:

> Robby and I will be doing a hardware upgrade on harrier, the machine
> which hosts lists.slackbuilds.org, probably on Thursday this week.
> We're going to try filling it with green beer to see if that will
> improve performance.  If that fails, we'll fill ourselves with green
> beer and revert harrier to normal (albeit with an upgraded storage
> array.)
> We'll let you know in IRC when this happens.  You'll also see us
> disappear from IRC during the outage. :)  We won't know the exact
> time until we're onsite, which should be during the morning of our
> TZ, UTC-5.
> If all goes as planned, most users won't notice anything, but you
> might see a slight delay in list posts.  Also, of course, the web
> archive, as well as other HTTP sites we host, will be temporarily
> unavailable.  I haven't bothered to check stats, but I suspect that
> our most significant sites other than this mailing list would be
> mirrors.slackware.com and alien.slackbook.org.
> We'll let you know here when it's done and will give a report on the
> effects of green beer.  Anyone in the vicinity of Birmingham, Alabama
> is welcome to join in the experimentation; let us know off-list if
> you're available and interested.
> PS: As usual, "Robby and I" is shorthand for "Robby will do the work
> while I stand around and try to look important."
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