[Slackbuilds-users] slackbuilds.org/remove does not exist

Leonard Schmidt lems at gmx.net
Thu Aug 10 07:04:28 UTC 2017


Rob McGee writes:
>Yes, IWFM also.  Check that you got the right IP address:
>slackbuilds.org.        43200   IN      A
>Also note that the http: is converted to https: because of the 
>domain's SSL policy.  Does https://slackbuilds.org/remove/ work?
>Perhaps this is a SSL/TLS problem on your end?

I got the same IP. I also tried on a clean Slackware -current
system (creating an ISO using liveslak). I used lynx to access it, but
other browsers did not work either. Then I tried using my phone (data
plan) and the Tor Browser, always getting "that page could not be
found." https results in the same. Seems to be something on my end then,
I guess.


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