[Slackbuilds-users] Calibre and Gourmet revisited

Lenard Spencer lspencer31 at cfl.rr.com
Mon Aug 14 16:11:17 UTC 2017

In working with calibre, I found that the new versions (3.5 and newer) 
have another dependency, httml5-parser (also written by Kavid Goyal), 
which doesn't have a SB script in the repo.  I have created a script for 
it, and now I can get calibre to buid and run on my system.  Shoiuld I 
go ahead and submit it to SBo?  I'm sure Larry (the maintainer of the 
calibre SBo) would be especially interested in it.  I have tested in 
both 14.2 and current and have had no problems on either (other than 
having to rebuild EVERYTHING on current because of other package upgrades).

With Gourmet, I found that the patched script that is currently in 
Ponce's repo is necessary to fix a problem that makes it impossible to 
enter or edit recipes.  Earlier I had thought it was an issue with 
Python itself, but it really lies with the upgrade of the python image 
library (from PIL in 14.1 to pillow in 14.2).

Hope this helps.


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