[Slackbuilds-users] cracklib installation incomplete

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 16:28:59 UTC 2017

2017-01-09 17:02 GMT+01:00 JCA <1.41421 at gmail.com>:
> After successfully building and installing the package, I am getting the
> following:
> $ echo "SomeKey" | cracklib-check
> /usr/share/cracklib/pw_dict.pwd.gz: No such file or directory
> clave: error loading dictionary


have you read its README ( /usr/doc/cracklib-2.9.6/README )? I don't
use it but it states:
"CrackLib is NOT a TOOL.  It is not a complete package.  It is not
something you can utilise directly.
It is a resource, an aid, something to enhance the functionality of
other software.  You need to (either) write OR modify other software
to use it.  If you can't do this, then you shouldn't be wasting your
time with it."


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