[Slackbuilds-users] Some SlackBuilds don't add uname -r output to package name

Leonard Schmidt lems at gmx.net
Tue Jan 24 08:59:03 UTC 2017


while grepping all SlackBuilds for "uname -r", I noticed that some
SlackBuilds add the uname -r output to the resulting package name, and
others don't. Those that do are, for example, the nvidia-kernel
SlackBuilds, virtualbox-kernel/-addons, and network/broadcom-sta.

The following SlackBuilds install kernel modules, but don't add the
uname -r output into the resulting package name:


misc/klibc uses the uname -r output in its resulting package name, but
does not turn the hyphen into an underscore. While klibc is x86_64 only,
which does not have a localversion by default, it could mess up
Slackware's package tools if one uses a custom kernel with a custom
CONFIG_LOCALVERSION that includes a hyphen.

Attached is a patch which uses a variable `PKGVER' that replaces the
VERSION variable in the makepkg command line at the end of the SlackBuild.

nvidia-kernel uses `PKGVER', virtualbox-kernel uses `PKG_VERS',
broadcom-sta does not use a variable. I don't think this matters much,

I also replaced two occurrences of uname -r with $KERNEL in the
system/netatop SlackBuild (I added a variable `KERNEL').

Best regards

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