[Slackbuilds-users] Stellarium-0.15.x, qt-5.7.x and libinput

Larry Hajali larryhaja at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 23:39:13 UTC 2017

> >> I agree with adding libinput as a mandatory dep for qt5.
> >>
> > why?
> Taken from
> https://blog.qt.io/blog/2015/01/20/qt-weekly-23-qt-5-5-
> enhancements-for-linux-graphics-and-input-stacks/
> Using libinput in place of the traditional evdevmouse|keyboard|touch
> input handlers of Qt 5 has a number of advantages. By using it Qt
> applications get the same behavior, configuration and calibration that
> other clients, for example Weston use. It also simplifies bringup
> scenarios since there will be no need to fight Qt’s input stack
> separately in case libinput is already proven to work.
> Since more packages are relying on qt5, xcb plugin will soon become an
> important considerations and it does require libinput to work.
> libinput is now included in -current as well, so it will be easy to
> remove libinput from one place (qt5) instead of many different packages
> in our repository in the next Slackware release.
> if libinput stays as optional dep, we still have to fix stellarium's dep
> as well. I will wait for qt5's decision about this.
> ps: wayland and libinput are now available on our repository so that
> will have to be fixed as well.
>From your explanation I agree that adding libinput as a required dependency
for qt5 makes sense.  I only see these applications that need to be tested
with libinput as a required dep., which also have qt5 as a required dep.


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