[Slackbuilds-users] conky doesn't build LONGER

Roy Lanek roy.lanek at yandex.com
Mon Nov 20 15:37:26 UTC 2017

> - parallel install different lua versions;

Which looks feasible if I am not mistaken

> - checking that the various things that need those find the right one
> in each case.
> ...but this solution is really hard to implement, as the script being
> involved are =~ 150 and they have to be all tested working to
> implement it on the repository.
> if someone feels like doing this work it would be highly appreciated.

What about DISTRIBUTING the work: five, then, more scripts to
run, verify poor man style, and fix if possible and be it by just
sending feedback, per person? Myself I am not a champion in bash
(it would be a matter of weeks OTOH) preferring ksh and mksh
which are my bread and butter on scripting. Would do my part
nonetheless of course.

Establishing a partition along PRIORITIES -- which are those
packages who depend on Lua, are the most important and demand to
NOT be *dangling* -- is of course to be done 1st. 

It's anyway something that will need to be done one day. It
recalls me Python and Perl.

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