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Jeremy Hansen jebrhansen+SBo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 15:50:53 UTC 2018

On Wed, Apr 25, 2018, 8:57 AM Nikos Giotis <nikos.giotis at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 04/24/2018 07:06 PM, D.L.C. Burggraaff wrote:
> > Dear Nikos,
> > Current64: multipath-tools have to be built via Ponce's SBO repository.
> > I noticed that the version there is the 4 years old 5.0, whereas the
> latest version on https://git.opensvc.com/?p=multipath-tools/.git;a=tags
> is the 6 weeks old 7.6.
> > Is there a reason other than lack of interest for this old version?
> The reasons are mainly two.
> The first and most important is that the script was tested for two years
> before posting it on SlackBuilds and it is being used in production for
> critical server infrastructure (mainly databases) that I maintain.
> I already have a newer script that I started to deploy in production some
> months ago and it seems stable enough. There is some patching involved
> for the newer versions and I want to be completely sure that it does
> not break anything (ie. loosing data) before posting it.
> The other reason is that the upstream project has stopped making release
> tarballs. They only provide the code these days via git on this url
> https://git.opensvc.com/multipath-tools/.git/
> Is there a way to get a versioned tar.gz link from this git repository?
> The only way I found so far is with ugly hashes in the filenames and
> even uglier renames in the script.
> Nikos

It took some digging, but I found the download url for their tagged
releases. To get to where I found it, read on, otherwise, skip to the
direct link for 0.7.6 (the latest tag right now). On their main page,
http://christophe.varoqui.free.fr, click on the link for git tags (which I
have linked at the bottom of this message). From there, click on tag you
want. Then click the tag again next to the commit message. Then click the
"Tree" in the top area (not the one at the end of the commit line). Then
you should be able to click snapshot for the link. Every other method I
found for the snapshot would provide the hash, rather than the tag. What a


You can see all their tagged releases at the following address.


Then you can update the download url to match whatever tag you want.


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