[Slackbuilds-users] long-time build errors (open-adventure, notepadqq, sbocheck of adobe-reader & VariCAD)

David Melik davidnchmelik at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 04:57:06 UTC 2018

Notepadqq won't work when there's a libwebp version after 0.5.n, though 
not a dependency (and not dependency of a dependency?)  The maintainer 
said recompile with a new libwebp.  I did, then notepadqq wouldn't run, 
and I notified him, but didn't hear back (months ago.)  People need 
libwebp updated for other SBo packages, so we can't have 'dependency 
Hell' starting.

I have adobe-reader and sbocheck always says it has to be rebuilt as 
9.5.5 rather than the current 9.5.5_enu.
I have VariCAD and and sbocheck always says it has to be rebuilt for 
2013_2.01 rather than the current 2013_2.01_en.

I get this error compiling open-adventure (for months.)

    cc -std=c99 -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE -DVERSION=\"1.4\" -O2 -fPIC
    -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector-all  -o advent main.o init.o
    actions.o score.o misc.o saveresume.o dungeon.o  -ledit -lncurses
    a2x --doctype manpage --format manpage advent.adoc
    ERROR: advent.adoc: line 1: malformed manpage title
    ERROR: advent.adoc: line 4: first section must be named NAME
    ERROR: advent.adoc: line 7: second section must be named SYNOPSIS
    a2x: failed: asciidoc --doctype=manpage  -d manpage -b docbook
    Makefile:68: recipe for target 'advent.6' failed
    make: *** [advent.6] Error 1


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