[Slackbuilds-users] muParser and future of QtiPlot

Petar Petrov slackalaxy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 06:24:16 UTC 2018

Hi Fellype,

> Knowing the qtiplot build script, I call you hero for keeping
> it running for so long :-)

I did put some effort into QtiPlot.SlackBuild, but it was the SBo core
team that took care of fixes between Slackware releases. Just wanted
to be fair :)

ok, I will leave muParser as it is for now.


On 20/12/2018, Fellype <fellype at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Petar,
> Em qua, 19 de dez de 2018 às 18:55, Petar Petrov <slackalaxy at gmail.com>
> escreveu:
>> Hi to all,
>> i prepared an update of my muParser.SlackBuild for version It
>> builds fine, however QtiPlot which depends on muParser breaks when
>> building against the new version. Now, I have these options:
>> 1) I can build the old version muParser into QtiPlot. In this case, I
>> will not have any reason to maintain the separate muparser, so I will
>> give it to someone else.
>> 2) I can try to find a solution for QtiPlot to build against newest
>> muParser. This will take time.
>> 3) I can just leave things as they are.
>> A few notes. Most of the distros, stick with the older version of the
>> library, so maybe we should too for now? Also, QtiPlot is very old and
>> the publicly available source code is no longer maintained. The
>> developer changed the license some time ago, so the version we have at
>> SBo is the last with available source code. Even now, it requires a
>> lot of patches and at a certain point in the future it will be no
>> longer possible to build. I guess we should just drop it then. We have
>> SciDAVis, which is a fork of QtiPlot and it seems quite good.
>> What would you advise me to do?
>> Unfortunately QtiPlot did a bad move when it adopted a non-free license
> (IMHO).
> As the maintainer of SciDAVis at SBo, my suggestion is that you choose
> option 3 - just leave things as they are, at least until the next Slackware
> release. Then, if you find it not worth the effort to adopt none of the
> options 1 or 2, drop QtiPlot and update muParser (or give it for another
> maintainer). Knowing the qtiplot build script, I call you hero for keeping
> it running for so long :-)
> The other software at SBo I could find that depends on MuParser are:
> librecad
> meshlab
> It would be interesting to have feedback from maintainers of those in
> relation to the muParser version.
> It would be helpful if statistics were available on the use of QtiPlot (and
> any other software, of course) at SBo.
> Best regards,
> Fellype

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