[Slackbuilds-users] vlc fails

falsetti at clansco.org falsetti at clansco.org
Sun Feb 18 08:18:54 UTC 2018

Le 2018-02-18 01:47, Christoph Willing a écrit :

> About vlc dependencies - I have seen this particular error and believe
> it is due to vlc building with optional opencv support (and opencv is
> built with VTK support - the default). It (vlc) certainly builds OK 
> when
> opencv if _not_ present at build time.
> Alternatively, opencv could be built without VTK support:
>     CVVTK=no sh opencv.SlackBuild
> although I haven't tried this since I think VTK is probably more
> valuable to opencv's functionality than opencv is to vlc's 
> functionality.
> I'll investigate this further during the coming week.
> chris
  I tried first ' --without-opencv ' without success, then I removed
opencv, build vlc and reinstall opencv.

Thanks Christoph!

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