[Slackbuilds-users] Repology a public emailaddress repository; SlackBuilds-users Digest, Vol 147, Issue 3

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 19:06:41 UTC 2018

2018-07-02 21:00 GMT+02:00 rob van nues <rvnues at disroot.org>:
> On Mon, 02 Jul 2018 16:58:06 +0000
> slackbuilds-users-request at slackbuilds.org wrote:
>> Maintainers emails are pretty public in the SBo repository.
> Well, that is fairly specific environment compared to the big heap
> repology provides..
>>       A quick grep shows 761 different maintainers email, of which
>> 96 are somehow scrambled (of which 4 are yours ^^), and 665 are plain.
>>       Besides, the kind of scrambling we're talking about
>> (guy at domain dot tld, or john[dot]doe[at]domain[dot]tld) aren't
>> really a difficulty for spammers.
>>       I could write a script in 15 minutes that'll scrape plain and
>> scrambled emails off of any webpages, if they're scrambled like that.
> Maybe we should consider another way of contacting providers.
>>       So, well, I don't think you should be more worried now than
>> you were before.
> That's not the issue; the fact that personal details get transferred
> from SBo to another site who actively advertises these details
> on the basis of a facebook-like argumentation is
> something that can no longer be accepted as normal.
> According to eu laws people should be informed about this and asked to
> opt out if they want to. I do not see the need why repology should be
> able to publish my details without such provisions.
> I have repology to remove these details. I do not need and I do not
> want this kind of PR.
> And I think Sbo should think much harder than to make these
> details so publicly available. If they do, it should be via a layer in
> between; that is, for example, via an SBo-email address that represents
> the maintainer so that email-requests can be moderated/filtered. I do
> not want that details that have been in good faith passed on to SBo, are
> brought onto a platform that, when big and popular enough, will be
> sold/mined by agencies we are not thinking of as yet.

Rob, those datas have to be made available so that people can contact
you as maintainer for your SlackBuilds, and they should be able to do
it without passing through some form on the site: we absolutely don't
have the resources to moderate all the mail addressed to maintainers.
as they need to be public, anyone can grab them and use them as they like.
if you are concerned about spam, IMHO, you should create an email
address ad-hoc to maintain SlackBuilds.


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