[Slackbuilds-users] dmca takedown notice?!

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 21:17:03 UTC 2018

On 6/13/18, Matteo Bernardini <matteo.bernardini at gmail.com> wrote:

> of their commits, move them somewhere handy to reapply them later over
> a new checkout -b of the new master branch that you will have to
> update with

OK. After all this is done, *then* I'll commit a new jack-tools that
doesn't include the steinberg headers, but is capable of using them if
it finds them. So anyone really wanting jack-lxvst will be able to sign
up for a steinberg account, agree to the license, place the headers in
the right place, and go from there.

This sound good to everyone?

> we will think about a stricter set of rules to avoid things like this
> to happen in the future (like not allowing things with unclear
> licenses).

Better to say "nuclear licenses".

This kind of stuff makes me want to quit trying. I do this as a fun hobby,
and the legal BS sucks the fun right out of it.

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