[Slackbuilds-users] Proposal for Slackware category in SBo

klaatu at mixedsignals.ml klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Thu Mar 22 18:27:08 UTC 2018

Rich's recent question (from which I learned much) made me think that 
maybe there ought to be a "Slackware" category in the SBo repo.

A "Slackware" category would contain applications that are useful only 
in Slackware. That is to say: there are applications that are useful 
across Linux, and then there are tools that are designed exclusively for 
Slackware (usually package management, often based on either Slackpkg or 
SBo). Tools that are useful in BOTH Linux and Slackware would *not* 
appear in this category.

Here are some examples. See how many of them you knew existed, and how 
many you know about but think more people might need help finding:
* sbopkg
* sboui
* sbbdep
* slackpkg+
* sport
* sbotools
* [insert your favourite obscure Slackware/SBo script or app here]

It seems to me like hiding great Slackware-specific sys utils harms 
discoverability, and mixing them into other, broader categories serves 
no purpose anyway. Sure, sboui might be a System tool, but let's face 
it: it's a Slackware "addon" that nobody knows to look for, and it's not 
just a system tool, it's a Slackware tool. Why not create a category we 
can all go to when we have questions like Rich's, and see what cool 
script or application one of our colleagues has written to scratch the 

Can anyone think of a reason this would be harmful, or not helpful?


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