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Fri May 4 16:40:15 UTC 2018

On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 10:19 AM, David Spencer <idlemoor at slackbuilds.org>

> > Could you not post a notice to the forum to that effect? Or set up your
> > email so that a relevant notification is automatically sent when
> > receiving email?
> I wonder if Debian Developers would put up with that.

This is package maintenance, not development. Also, I, for one, use
Slackware, not Debian, because I think it is better than Debian, not
because I think that things surrounding Slackware are limited in the same
way as things surrounding Debian are.

> > Otherwise, like I said, let's make sure that users are informed about
> > the responsibilities of maintainers, and what to expect. Which, right
> > now, and traditionally, seems to be whatever the maintainer wants. Which
> > is fine; if that's what Slackbuilds offers, let's make it clear.
> Ok, here's what to expect.
> There are more than 7000 packages in the repo and more than 700
> maintainers.  We cannot functionally test all that lot proactively. We
> rely on the community to find and report problems.
> If someone tells us something's bust, we try to fix it.  Out of respect
> for our volunteer maintainers, we prefer to give the maintainer first
> chance to do that.  If it's somebody we know has been active recently,
> we give them plenty of time to respond.  If it's someone who hasn't
> contributed in a long time, there's no point waiting and we will move
> quicker.
> But as admins we cannot be experts in every package in the repo. We
> don't necessarily know even how to start most of it up. That's the
> maintainer's job. In the absence of the maintainer, that's *your* job if
> you use it.
> We are also sometimes under a great deal of pressure to keep our repo
> stable: not to be a rolling distribution on top of stable Slackware. We
> explicitly don't chase the latest version of everything. Our last major
> quality checkpoint and campaign of recontacting maintainers was at the
> release of 14.2.  I expect we'll be doing that again for 15.0.

Fair enough. Now make sure to enter the gist of this in the Slackbuilds
home page, in a big font, so nobody will be led to think that packages are
properly maintained throughout.

> Meanwhile, thanks for the report.

Any time. My hope is that will do something to improve things for this, and
other packages in similar situations of abandonment.

> -D.
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