[Slackbuilds-users] new VLC always crashes

orbea at fredslev.dk orbea at fredslev.dk
Sat Oct 13 20:15:44 UTC 2018

>What video hardware are you using?  I had brought this up before on LQ 
>and it almost ignited a flame war.  The reason you are seeing the 
>libvdpau_nvidia.so message is that it is hard-coded into libvdpau, and 
>your video card is probably not supported by the kernel.  I had bought 
>an Nvidia GTX-1050Ti card last year and got that message on both 14.2 
>and then-current (4.9 kernel).  My card wasn't supported in the kernel 
>until 4.13.

Thanks for the reminder, I have forgotten about this thread until now.
I recall looking into this further after this and was informed that
vdpau will fall back to nvidia as a last resort when all else fails.

As you suggested a newer kernel could help.

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