[Slackbuilds-users] mkvtoolnix.SlackBuild: missing example files

Marek Srejma sam_web at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 15 08:26:12 UTC 2018

The mkvtoolnix source package comes with example files, which aren't 
being installed by the SlackBuild.

The mkvmerge man page says:
>    Introduction
>        Matroska(TM)'s tag system is similar to that of other 
> containers: a set of KEY=VALUE pairs. However,
>        in Matroska(TM) these tags can also be nested, and both the KEY 
> and the VALUE are elements of their
>        own. *The example file example-tags-2.xml shows how to use this 
> system.*

IMHO it would be useful if the SlackBuild script would copy the example 
directory from the source package into /usr/doc/$PRGMAN-$VERSION/.


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