[Slackbuilds-users] slibtool

orbea at fredslev.dk orbea at fredslev.dk
Sat Oct 27 15:27:10 UTC 2018


I have been maintaining development/slibtool on SBo for a while which is
a drop-in replacement for GNU libtool and working with its upstream to
fix any build issues I can find with my limited setup.

Slibtool ships with several different symlinks which generate different
behaviors and with this recent update to 0.5.26 it now includes several
new symlinks to add convenience for end users. Mainly the symlink
'rlibtool' which should fully respect the '--enable-shared' and similar
configure arguments.

To use it basically add this to your environment, it can be put in
'/etc/profile' to make it default. The libtool package should not be
uninstalled and is still needed for tools like autoreconf and similar.

  export 'MAKEFLAGS=LIBTOOL=rlibtool'

or if you want to preserve the behavior of libtool to install (.la)

  export 'MAKEFLAGS=LIBTOOL=rclibtool'

Both have more verbose debugging modes too.

  export 'MAKEAFLAGS=LIBTOOL=rdlibtool'
  export 'MAKEFLAGS=LIBTOOL=rdclibtool'

In 14.2 its potentially safer to use rclibtool instead while current
the (.la) files are almost never needed. Some exceptions I have found
are games/pinball from SBo and imagemagick in the main tree.

There are also a few cases where programs use libtool without autotools
and rlibtool by design will fail. Another one of the symlinks like
'slibtool-shared' should be used in those cases. Please read the README
at SBo and the upstream README installed in the documentation directory
for more info.

Some benefits are a significant increase in build speed and avoiding a
whole range of issues, limitations and caveats with GNU libtool.

In short my request is that if anyone is willing to test slibtool I
would appreciate being informed of any build or other issues that do not
occur with libtool in the main Slackware tree with either 14.2 or
current. I do not have the capability to mass build large number of
packages with my limited and already filled hard drive space.

Alternatively any issues can be brought up in #midipix @ freenode if
you use irc.


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