[Slackbuilds-users] hoorex-0.6.4 and tty control Strings

Konrad J Hambrick kjhambrick at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 10:10:51 UTC 2018

Chris --

I've been using hoorex in several scripts to generate build / install lists
for SBo Programs.

This week's hoorex version 0.6.4 broke my SBo Update scripts.

Specifically, it is the newly introduced, ANSI termcap /  terminfo strings
in the # OUTPUT section ( lines 284- 304 ) that cause issues.

Since the only changes between 0.6.2 and 0.6.4 are the license and the ANSI
Terminal Strings, I have reverted to hoorex 0.6.2

Would it be possible to turn off the ANSI terminfo strings by command line
argument or by default or via the config file or even better, if the output
device is not an ANSI tty ?

One other suggestion for portability is to check out the python curses
module rather than hard-coding VT100 Escape Sequences ?

Anyhow, that doesn't matter today as much as it did in the olden days (
nobody runs Wyse60 or Techtronics Terninals anymore :)

Thanks for hoorex Chris.  I couldn't keep up with SBo without it !

-- kjh
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