[Slackbuilds-users] configure: error: GCC 5.5.0 is too old

Christoph Willing chris.willing at linux.com
Fri Aug 9 12:16:18 UTC 2019

I'm working on an update of the SlackBuild for LibreOffice (build from
source) to version but it very soon leads to:

checking the GCC version... gcc 5.5.0 (50500)
configure: error: GCC 5.5.0 is too old, must be at least GCC 7.0.0
Error running configure at ./autogen.sh line 302.

Is anyone interested in submitting a SlackBuild for gcc7 along the lines
of gcclegacy494  i.e. an updated gcc >= 7.0.0 that can coexist with
14.2's gcc-5.5.0? I'm not sure whether this is the first SlackBuild that
finds the standard gcc too old but it will probably not be the last, so
an updated gcc would be good contribution.


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