[Slackbuilds-users] vuescan / openjfx: Anyone up for taking over?

Heiko Rosemann heiko.rosemann at web.de
Sat Aug 10 18:13:16 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

tl,dr: if anyone wants to put effort into vuescan or openjfx, feel free
to do so :)

Currently, I'm not using vuescan, so I'm hardly ever updating it, and
probably the md5sum checks for the download file(s) fail (the download
files get replaced in place). Nobody asked me about this for a long
time, so maybe nobody else is using it, which would be fine...

I _am_ using openjfx, but the SlackBuild I made for it was just a quick
hack from a binary build that's no longer maintained. I planned to
switch over to a source build, but never managed to do so, so if
anyone's up for it, go for it. This might "fix itself" with Java 11.

I'm fine with keeping those SlackBuilds and just continuing not to
update them as well :)

Best regards,

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