[Slackbuilds-users] bitbucket killing mercurial will effect sbbdep download URL (temporary)

Harald Achitz harald.achitz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 19:38:38 UTC 2019


you might know, or not, that bitbucket is stopping support for mercurial
and this in a rather drastically way, after June 1, 2020, all mercurial
repos will be deleted

since sbbdep is in a hg repo on bitbucket, I have do to something

I have 2 options
the first is:
export the code to git, rename the hg repo
create a new git repo with the original name
import the code, the wiki (if, hopefully, possible) and add the downloads
losing ticket history is sad but there is no way to keep this (thanks

the second one,
move the project to sourceforge and continue using hg

It is very likely that I run the first option
even if, after this action, I am not very happy with how Atlassian handles
the situation and therefore I have more sympathy for the second one

In this case, for a short while, the download URLs will not work and the
repo will look like gone.

Unsure when this will happen, with all the private repos I have to migrate,
this is only one of several hours work I have now
but when that happens, I will make a ping here so no one is surprised that
the repo disappears for some time.

you might want to go through the other slackbuilds and archive unmaintained
hg repos from bitbucket, if there are some

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